Replay using Memory Streamer not working in 4.17.2

Hi, I am stuck in middle of making replay system using memory streamer.

After digging it, I got several questions about it.

  1. It seems like my replay is being deleted whenever I tried to stop recording it. In ‘StopRecordingReplay’ function of GameInstance, there is ‘CurrentWorld->DestroyDemoNetDriver();’ and it is actually deleting replay just recorded.
  2. I am not really sure if I am passing correct URL when start recording. Now I am passing random name. However, In the ‘StartRecordingReplay’ function of GameInstance, it is trying to replace substring of URL somehow like ‘DemoName.ReplaceInline( TEXT( “%m” ), *CurrentWorld->GetMapName() );’. So, is there any specific format for this name?
  3. Similar to Q.2. When playing replay, what should be in the name parameter in ‘PlayReplay’ function? Now I am passing same name I made when start recording.
  4. After playing it, seems like character is stuck in ground. I can’t move, and system is generating same log every frame: ‘LogWorld: Warning: SetActiveLevelCollection attempted to use an out of date DemoNetDriver: DemoNetDriver’

Partial answer would be very appreciated. Please anybody give my your hand!

----- Update ------

After trying couple of times, I found out something.

  1. Replay Name or URL doesn’t matter. They just need to be equal to each other.
  2. It seems like Replay wansn’t deleted. It actually is saved in OwningFactory inside of InMemoryNetworkReplayStreaming.

Current Problem is

  1. Before playing replay, it make another parse setting which make replay frame to 0? I don’t understand how it works.
  2. When replay is done, game is still out of control. it needs to get back to its original PC & Character

Problems is quite similar what happend at UE-42508 and it is marked as Fixed. However it is still occuring in UE 4.17.2.

----- Update -----
It looks like the only problem is when loading new dynamic map named ‘UEDPCTopDownExampleMap’(TopDownExampleMap is the name of original source map).
When load new map, engine is destroying newly recorded replay.

So, anybody know why is that and how to ovecome this?