[Replay System] How to immediately possess spectator pawn when replay starts in a local replay?

I’ve managed to successfully record and play replays. This is in a local singleplayer game.

However when I call UGameInstance::StartReplay(), either through console or by calling the function itself, I’m having an issue where the spectator pawn and the player controller are not created immediately, but there is a delay until the replay spectator can be controlled. Before this possession happens, the camera view is fixed at zero transformation. If I scrub the replay back to zero, the recording does start where it should.

Does anyone know how to either delay the replay until the possession happens or how to take control of the pawn immediately when the replay starts? I tried running the game with a listen server, also both in PIE and Standalone, but the behaviour stays the same. I’m not superbly proficient with network code but am aware of the concepts.

EDIT: I managed to do this by using the module method from ARPG Project.

Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve stumbled upon the same issue now. What exactly do you mean by the “module method”? Do you mean the sublevel system? Looked through the ARPG project but didn’t find anything else I could think of as modules (at least not related to loading/joining maps/sessions).

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Later reply to the late reply, must’ve not been notified due to old topic or I simply didn’t notice any.

I was probably rather tired at the time until I found a solution which satisfied my needs. Basically, in the APRG project, the loading screens are implemented with modules. So I can keep the loading screen up until the possession happens.