Replay of In-game HUD/Menus

Hey guys,

I’m using the built-in replay system for my game and I’ve got it pretty close to the functionality I want (yay!).

But, the people who are viewing the replays want to watch from a First-Person perspective. That, too, was straightforward to add but left me with an issue - none of my HUD interactions are playing back.

The accepted workflow for this sort of thing in Multiplayer games is to use Client-side RPCs on the PlayerController (i.e. MyPC->ChangeReticleIcon() ). But, even if that RPC is recorded in the demo file, your replay-viewing Controller is not the owner of that original controller so the call will fizzle.

So … I’m not sure what my next steps should be here. Thoughts?

Hey I want to do something similar to this, did you ever figure this out?

Also could you explain how you got the first person perspective working? Did you have to replicate the pawns camera movement then mimic that movement on the replay controller or something?