[Replay] Function as RunOnOwningClient not called

In our codebase i currently found the following setup:

if an Item detects an overlap event with a player, it calls an event on Itself which is “RunOnServer”. There it’ll set some values on the player and proceed with calling a method of the player which is set to “RunOnOwningClient”. While this works during gameplay, it does not in a Replay. Any Idea?
(I am sorry that i can’t share actual BPs)

I’ve not dived into reply much as waiting on my information to become public/tutorialized but if I remember right replay is using net based recording ie reolicated information. If something is not replicated it may not be getting recorded. I believe th concept is that’s imagine another networked player is doing the recording. And like any multiplayer game he see’s it’s own version of things which relies on replicated information.

It is true that another Player is created for replays. However they keyword here is “on OwningClient”. Since the recorder is on the same client, it should capture that :confused:
However since property-replication has the additional condition “Owner or Replay”, maybe actors are not owned by anyone during Replay?

What are you using to record the replay?

The normal replay/Demo functions(you can trigger them through the console, too if you need fast results)