Replacing Static Meshes

Hi, I’m a bit new to UE4 and for a while now I’ve been creating a level using simple static meshes for walls, floors, etc. Today I’ve decided to change my walls meshes to a bit more interesting ones but when I replace the Static Mesh in the Details panel, the new one is not on the right position, nor its size is right. So how do I replace a SM with another one while keeping the position and size of the original SM? And is this even possible or would I have to create my whole level from scratch with the new meshes?

The new mesh would have to be the same exact size and have the same pivot as the original mesh for you to be able to do that.

Well, both meshes have their pivot in their lower left corner originally. But as you can see on the images, when I replace the first with the second, the second doesn’t align it’s lower left corner correctly to the pivot. Any idea how I can edit that?

In the second picture, you can see that the pivot is not in the lower left corner of the new mesh. What package are you using to make these meshes? Ensure that the pivot is in the lower left corner of the new mesh, AND that that mesh is then centred to 0,0,0