Replacing Static Mesh with Skeletal Mesh

Hi guys! I’m working on my first game, a 3D spaceship simulator. I was following some tutorials and these used Static Meshes for their ships, boats or pawns in general, so I did the same. Now, I want to attach a weapon to the ship so sockets are required. I successfully managed to properly add bones and import the mesh and armature from blender to Unreal.

But after replacing all the references in my blueprint, my ship does not rotate anymore. Please note that I was using “AddLocalRotation” + some math to do it and the behavior was perfect with the static mesh. AddForce and AddImpulse still work.

Not sure what should I start reading or what’s the right way to do this.

Thanks for help!

I suspect you didn’t replace all references or some critical variables are zeroed. I assume you swapped out the Static for Skeletal mesh due to the need for sockets. I have great news for you, you can add sockets to static meshes with these instructions.

YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS! :smiley: Thank God I made a backup of my blueprint before modifying all the references lol Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I needed!