Replacing Static Mesh with new Transform values


I have a scene with simple boxes which are rotated and scaled in Rhino before sending to Unreal. I am trying to replace boxes with plant models.
The transform values in Unreal are the same for all of them- Rotation X:0, Y:0, Z:0 and Scale X:0, Y:0, Z:0.

I guess there is no way to import the model that Unreal can read transform values but is it possible to replace the Static Mesh which will then be scaled according to the size of boxes?

Thanks for any help!

If they’re separate, yes, you can replace the mesh in a script. But why not just use the foliage tool, it does all this for you…?

I have many different species of plants which I want to place in a particular way that’s why I think that foliage won’t be the best solution for me.

Do you have any tips about commands or function for replacing them in a script?

Are they all accessible as separate meshes? Can you click on each one?

If so, you can use editor scripting to replace each one:

If they select as one big clump, no chance really.

I think you would find it easier to write blueprint to place your own foliage, it’s not that hard. Then you can put them where you want, in any way.