Replacing multiple actors without changing location

I have a huge building with about 800 windows and 700 doors. When i try to replace doors it replaces just fine but all end up the replacement actors location. What am i soling wrong?

Could you please clarify what exactly is happening? What do you mean by “all end up the replacement actors location”?

They all end up at one location. The location of the actor im replacing the others with. All the doors is the same but are imported as multiple meshes. I want to replace them with one door mesh. When I do that they all locates at the same location as the mesh I want replace them with.

Can you show how you are doing the replacing?

Im sorry for my late replay - that seems ungratefull. I just had a deadline. I hope i still can get some help on this problem. Heres two screenshots.
I tried both replacing actor in the content browser and dragging it to the details panel with multiple actors selected in the world outliner.

Well, if you already have the doors as plain meshes in the level, I think the only “quick” way to replace them would be to delete the source mesh in the Content Browser and when it prompts you what to replace instances with, choose the replacement item.

If you were to do things over again, you should make a blueprint that subclasses Actor, add a static mesh component to it, and then drag that into your level and use it for all your instances of a door. Then if you wanted to change all the meshes, you would just go to your blueprint and change which mesh it uses.

I would use the blueprint method if I made the whole scene myself. This is a large building I got from an architect. It’s about 500-600 doors and about 1000 windows. I was hoping it was an easy way to replace them. I really don’t want to manually replace each one off them. For now I merged the actors in groups of about 50 doors to keep it manageable but it’s not ideal.