Replacing materials imported from Revit or SketchUp

Hi all,

I am trying to replace the material of StaticMeshActors imported from SketchUp or Revit through datasmith based on the example here:…e/279078836873
or the code at 0:57 here:Extended, Enhanced Data Import | Feature Highlight | Unreal Studio - YouTube
The problem is that I cannot access the currently used material using

The error message is that the asset cannot be found in the Content Browser, but I can see the material in the Content Browser and the path is also correct. If I create a material myself I can access it and its instances with the same command, so I don’t think there is a syntax problem.

I have noticed that all the imported materials are instances of a single material (SketchUpMaster or RevitMaster), this material is located in the installation path rather than the project path. I can open the parent in editor but I cannot browse it in the Content Browser (for example using the magnifier button). Can this be the reason for my problem? Does anybody have a solution?