Replacing default capsule with a box in character bp

Hi guys. Is there a way to change the inherited capsule component(in character bp) into a box?

Character bp is perfect for what I need except that darn capsule.

Alternatively is there a way to just add a box into my character bp and use that for colliding with the world?

Now if I add a box and set it to block all and then disable the capsule collision, the char just falls through the ground and completely ignores the box with block all collision.

Help please!

You’d have to change the code in (at least) the Character and Character Movement Component. So C++ for sure.

Either that, or you could study the CMC and emulate the features you want in a custom movement component (you can do this in BP), and base your class off Pawn.

I tried pawn class first. But then I need to use physics to make it behave close to what I want. And it’s a mobile game so I don’t want to use physics.

Now if I throw my stuff into a third person character bp, the movement is perfect, but my square “characters” corners go through walls.

Ty for reply.