Replacing default 3rd person skeleton

I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find anything. When I replace the skeleton on the 3rd person blueprint template, the animations do not carry over. It just shows the new model in the default “t” shaped pose. I’ve tried toying around with the character blueprint, but can’t seem to get it working. Anyone able to help?

The skeleton you bring in has to have the same makeup/layout as the default skel if you wan to use the default animations. I’m not an expert on anims or skeletal meshes, but I picked that up from some of the tutorials I watched. … if you can, mark down the skeleton of the default character, then bring your model into your modeling program and set up its skeleton to match… then you should be able to apply the animations from the content/examples since the anims will be for that specific skeletal layout.

You should look for the anim tutorials… I forget how to put the anims on the mesh, but you can assign them to new skeletons if the basic bones line up…

I just got it working. I created a selected all the default tp template animations and right clicked to create copy for other skeleton, and applied that to the new skeleton. From there I followed this video: