Replacing button generates new ones

So i’ve been making my own buttons which are switching there Color when you hover over them… I replaced my old Buttons which were in my BP and then it happened. I suddenly had 3 variables of 3 different buttons but I only have 1 in my widget. Im really confused by this bug.

the Widget looks like this now:


And this is how it looks in the variables section…


I’ve been fighting this bug now for a few days and have not found a solution

hoping for help :slight_smile:


I’ve found out that it only happens when you click the AdvancedButton in the section where all elements are listed up and replace the button.

So… For my self i fixed this by just not using the replace button and copying the whole BP to a second, completely new one. But thats just a quick fix for the problem… A real solution would be verry much appreciated.