Replacing Base Camera outside of Blueprint

hello. first start with deleting the VR _Camera and spring Arm then go to event graph section , on the event begin play node delete the branch and condition and hook it directly to the Activate node of camera 1 and delete the vr_camera activate . Next go to the event tick node and remove the branch and condition and delete all the VR associated code in that section , After deleting, hook the event tick directly to the set world location and rotation of the cursor.
(Check the screenshots for setup). Hope this helps ?

Hi, I’ve been using the top down blueprint and modifying it to be more of a shooter but with an RPG feel.
I’ve been modifying it through the tutorials online to make a top down shooter, but now I’m stuck when making the weapon.

Following the tutorial I have to make an Event BeginPlay on the character, however the base blueprint already has the same event, and keeps conflicting with it.

The problem is that the current event is linked to switching the camera from VR to the top down. If i remove those blueprints it places the camera in a weird position.

Is there a way I can delete the VR camera completely and make the top down camera the main one without having to make additional blueprints?

Yes this is very helpful. Thank you very much. I’ll get to fixing and will reply with result.

It worked perfectly. thank you @Shadow boss12