Replacing animations

Hi everyone.

It’s the first time that I ask something here. I’ve just started learning Unreal last week.

I have a third person game with an animated character. Let’s call him char.
We are making several animations with a different software and exporting them to FBX, and finally importing that FBX to Unreal.

Therefore, we have:
Blender > FBX > Unreal Engine.

Imagine that we make a walking animation:


I import that animation in Unreal and work with it. I create a Blend Space, and an Animation Blueprint, etc. I work a lot with that animation.

However, a week later, I notice something went wrong with the animation and I fix it in Blender and export it again.


Well, here comes the problem… I don’t find an option that allows me to just replace/update the animation. I was looking for an option on the imported animation just like:
Replace animation… in order to keep all Blueprints and Blend Space that I had worked previously on Unreal.

The only way I found to do it is to delete the previous animation, import the new version and redo the blueprints and blend space.

Does anybody know a way to do it automaticly? You know… just replace the movement.

Thank you very much.

Select the take in the browser. Right click. Select Re-import from new file.

You can also change the source path in the assets detail panel and select reimport.

Hi FrankieV. You’ve solved my problem.

I don’t know why I wasn’t able to find it (I think I am too obsessed with the word “Replace” and I was constantly looking for it…).

Thank you very much! You’ve made my day :slight_smile: