Replaceing the linetracebychannel with bullets

I’ve been having this issue where I try to replace the linetracebychannel with bullets but having issues on how to do so. would anyone help me out with that?

Can you elaborate? I mean, the line trace can tell you where you might shoot, but you can’t switch a line trace for a projectile launch.

Well something like that. I already set up the line trace so I’ll know where the bullets will shoot. what I’m saying is that, with the line trace setup, how can I add the bullets along side it to replace the line trace

here’s a link os the scripting i’ve done if you want to see it


Ok, it looks logical, what’s going wrong?

nothing really. Similar to what i said before, I want to replace the linetrace bychannel with the projectile bullet mesh i have prepared

So you see the muzzle flash, the blood decal ( or whatever ) appears on the baddy, and they get damaged. That’s it, isn’t it?

You never actually see a bullet, unless you want to do some sort of slow mo thing.

What am I missing?

oh so you’re telling me the line trace ARE the bullets? yea a decal does appear when the AI gets hurt

Yes, I guess so. I mean in real life, you don’t see bullets.

Shell casings would be a good addition though … :slight_smile:

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Ok, I get what you mean. You want the bullet to travel along the trace.

You can do this, you have the start point ( muzzle ) and end point ( hit point ), and facing direction ( forward vector of muzzle ), and you can use a timeline to move the bullet along the trace. But I think if you try it, you find it very annoying that there’s a delay between pulling the trigger and hitting the AI.

And if you do it fast enough to make it real, you won’t see the bullet.

good hard work, nice video.

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is there a chance we can a voice chat on discord or something similar so you could help me with my problem 1v1? if you got the time of course