Replace with composited blueprint don't preserve inner blueprints

Hi everyone,

i can’t tell if i’m being too Unity-oriented, but creating a blueprint from a group of various object should maintain those objects as they are. Right now, if i group some objects with behaviour, in the Composited Blueprint they show up only as components and lose their behaviour.

Is this intended? Are there different approaches?


Hi hjeldin,

You are correct, creating child-actor components this way isn’t intended. The blueprints that are added will lose all functionality. The good news is this isn’t an issue in our latest internal build because this feature has been completely overhauled. We will have more news on that in our release notes at a later date.

For now the correct way to do this is to create a blueprint and inside of the Components tab, create a Child Actor component. Then assign the blueprint you want to use to it. This way you can have as many child blueprints as you like inside of one blueprint.



Thanks, I figured i needed to set the children manually.
Good to know that’s going to be fixed in the next release.