replace the virtual joysticks with independent touch events

The phone is sideways, and i’m trying to get the right side of the screen to be look around controls, where swiping makes the camera move around like a trackball, and the left side is movement based on swipe movements. I have each functions working on their own, and nwo I am trying to make those two things work together and independently, in the same manner the virtual joysticks are independent from each other. Right now when i try to use both inputs at the same time, only one responds and there are undesired behaviours. I am trying to get the input touch states, can’t find a solution concerning making them work together and independently. When i set touch 1 and touch 2 to the inputs, one of them can only be used if the finger is on the other.

I tried googling around but found nothing, how would i go about doing this?

thank you

anyone knows how this could be accomplished