Replace the mannequin


is there a guide on how to replace the mannequin with your own humanoid character mesh
my problem is i have no knowledge in rigging and animating, i would like to keep the stuff that i setup with the mannequin

i already tried to figure it out on my own, spending hours for nothing than frustration and failure
what i tried was export the mannequin to maya lt, import my mesh there, delete mannequin mesh and re-import to game
but only with the results of strange deforming mesh not acceptable at all.

if someone is able to write a guide on this topic for the community i would even donate some money for it

best regards


There is no easy way of doing what you ask for. In the end you will have to learn about rigging and weight painting. The closest you can come with what you ask for is copying weights from the mannequin to you mesh of choice, a technique that exsists in all 3d model programs. But the result is never ever perfect if meshes are not indetical, so you will in the end need to adjust weights yourself. There is alot of tutorials on how to copy weights in maya and the internet. A quick google search should point you in the right directions. But in the end, you will have to learn about all those techniques.

Hi, are you sure that maya lt support these features? i cant find options to copy skin weights in maya lt

the meshes are almost identical, like same pose, same size, same amount of fingers…

also i feel like im not far from getting it right, f.e. when selecting the head bone and rotate it, it deforms pretty well,
the problem is feets and hands, f.e. some vertices on the feet just stay in place when rotating the knee bone

is this a huge workload? what would be a reasonable price if i wanted to outsource this work to someone experienced?
what would be the best place to find freelance people helping me out on this?

best regards

This is actually such an easy thing to do. I still wonder why no one else has done a decent tutorial for it. I think Ill provide one. Gimme a day or two, Ill make a tutorial on how to get a custom model on the ue4 skeleton.

sounds great, looking forward to hear from you

Ok, its a bit ****** video. But it should cover the very rough steps required: