Replace T-Pose to First Frame in Animation (apose)

Hello, I have several seated characters that are just idle breathing that I want to place in seats. When I import in my FBX characters with the animations, and then place these characters in the level, they are in their T-POSE, not the seated pose they snap to when I press play. Is there a way to put them in their seated position (start frame) when in the editor so I can place them properly (seated). Thanks!!! (note, im not a character animator, Im just placing them into the environment)


How are you playing the animations? I think the first frame of the animation is shown by default when you put a sequence into the result of the anim graph in your animation blueprint.

I havent even gotten to the animation yet, im just placing the mesh into the level, and it is in T Pose default, so I cant position the ‘seated’ version. I am playing my animations through blue print below and here are screen shots of my dilemma.

While in Editor:

After pressing Play (animation kicks in):

So, it looks like the BIND POSE from the original software (maya) is the issue. Unreal Engine is putting my character at its Bind Pose as default. Instead of they first KEYframe of the animation when working inside the Editor. Any idea how to force Unreal Engine to use the first Frame when placing animated characters into the level via the editor?

Having a bind pose with your maya rig default pose is probably a good idea unless you want your character to only be able to use that particular animation. You can use Override Animation Data in the construction script for your character BP to preview an animation in the editor. But this is a bit of a workaround, a better way is to just create an animation blueprint with the animation you want set in either the anim graph directly or in the event graph using the Initialize Animation event for stuff like Anim Montages (and in the anim graph the animation you want to preview connected to a Slot node and then into the result.