Replace static meshes with blueprints?

Just wondering if there is a simple way to replace static meshes with blueprints. I have a SM i placed all over the map to block out and than i made a BP so it now has things like giving ammo out. so does anyone know how to do this? It’s probably something simple just can figure it out.

yeah totally

Then select the replacement blueprint in the content browser

Select one of the statics in the level

Ctrl shift A - to select all the similar statics

right click down on static. in submenu… go to replace static with… and you should see your blueprint

that should swap them all out in a JIFFY!

Thank you so much

actually there is another problem. i tried replacing all my meshes and for some reason they all want to move to the same location. like i have 30+ same static meshes all over the map i replaced with BP but when i play they are all moving to the location of one of the blueprints.

in case anyone have the same problem as me
You need to click static in the viewport, not in the world outliner