Replace Player Model

Hello there,

first of all, I’m new at making Mods for Ark, but as a programer I’m used to programming and coding.

I watched a few videos about modding Ark, thanks to

My planned mod Project is:

A “play as Dino Mod”, but in a more serious way.

To do so, I want to change the playermodel in the “character creation menu”.

Is this Possible? Or do I need to find a workaround (Rinding a Dino and hide the Player)?

Sorry for the bad english.

I had a similar idea to this- custom races upon character creation- but I’ve been busy updating my other mods to work on it. One thing I was going to try was to make new Player Pawns for each new ‘race’ and include them in the spawn menu, but I’m pretty sure that would require a Total Conversion and some clever tinkering. I know that Play as Dino currently uses the workaround you’ve just described so that it can avoid being a TC, but then you get into the problem of letting other players ride that player…

In short, I think it’s possible with a Total Conversion but you’d probably need a workaround for a regular mod. I haven’t gotten into the depths of character spawning though, so it may be worth checking out the Player Pawns.