Replace Material Python Script?

Is there a tutorial somewhere that can walk us through (or let us download) a python script to replace materials? In this video, posted by Unreal Engine, the instructor runs what seems to be a very short and simple script to change materials. The video is horrible quality so it’s impossible to read the code, and zero instructions are given as to how one might find that script or build it yourself. The python script is at the 10:00 mark.

This is an Unreal Studio/Datasmith based video. What’s confusing is that I’m not sure how the script would work with Datasmith; given that material pathways for imported objects are very specific to the folder structure. If your workflow means multiple Datasmith imports to build a scene, how does the script find those materials?

There’s also this page from Unreal that features some sort of method to replace materials, but there’s zero instructions for the beginner as to how any of it works.

Tnx much.

Good morning,

Here is another video using python to replace these materials, the script is at 0:57
Is it what you are looking for?

Yes, nice one! I’ve gone ahead and tried to copy the script but can’t get it working. Probably my syntax!?

import unreal

def replace_material(original, replacement):
original_asset =
replacement_asset =
unreal.EditorAssetLibrary.consolidate_assets(replacement_asset, [original_asset])

#replace_material(original_name, replacement_name)
replace_material(“/Materials/M_01”, “/Materials/B_001”)

I’m moving this topic over to the Python section. If I get an answer there I will post that here as well. It’s my feeling that swapping out materials for Datasmith users will be an important thing to figure out and incorporate into the workflow!…-python-script

EDIT: With the excellent help of AlexQuevillon, this has been figured out. Just click on that link above to visit the Python forum thread. There’s some specific steps after the material swap is made. Tnx again, Alex.