Replace FPS Rifle with Pistol


I’m in the process of making a game, and I was wondering how I could replace the default rifle in the Blueprint FPS template with a pistol, and also edit all the animations so it wouldn’t look like crap.

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PS: I have no experience with modeling, animation, or unreal engine at all.


I would suggest taking a look at the MARKETPLACE… Content Search - UE Marketplace

There are tons of great pistols to work with. Once its imported, what you would do is attach it to the proper socket. I strongly recommend that you review this tutorial…null - YouTube

It will lay a bunch of things out for you and give you a nice background on some OOP concepts.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the resources! Unfortunately I don’t have much of a budget, so the marketplace pistols wont really work out. If there are any other ways of getting the animations, meshes, and materials that you know of i would love to hear it!

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How about this: – if you want to create a game you would have to purchase the royalty free license, but for testing, it should be OK. Be sure to look for FBX file type. Could you please mark resolve too (if this helped) its easier searching… Thanks!

No Problem, Thanks for the recourse, and also royalty free means no payment, so it would be purchase the royalty.

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Yeah, I wasn’t clear… If you use in a commercial product I think you’ve got to fork over 20 bucks. But, I think you could use for testing purposes and if you do make a game, then fork over the cash.

It depends on the item, but there are free ones, but for my game i can only use the all rights reserved and public domain licenses.