Replace existing content

Hello everybody,

I have a simple question and I m trying to figure it out for days but I can’t find something either on tutorials or Forums. So what I need to do is:

  1. Replace animations and skeleton mashes with an existing one (for example the robot character that exists in the FPP sample), but the new character must still use the weapon. What happens is that I replace the skeleton but the “new” character doesn’t have the same animations.
  2. How to substitute the weapon as well with one I made but have the same sounds, effects and projectile as the original.
  3. How to make my character not to die when he goes on a lower level.

In a few words, I am trying to recreate the FPP sample into my liking and these things prevent me from doing so.

Thank you very much everyone!

  1. when the new character has the same name (+ the animations) you can just import it into the same folder -> then it will overwrite the old one + everything should still work the same :slight_smile:
  2. you add your own weapon mesh to the blueprint(script
  3. change the kill z value in the world properties