Replace all variable references

Here’s a problem that I have faced several times.
I have one system made entirely in blueprint, or buyed one from marketplace.
And now I’m transcoding this system to C++.

In my blueprint, I had some variables like, let’s take “MyGreatVarBP” for example.
So now, I create this var in C++ with the name “MyGreatVarC”.

If I want to replace the references of this variable, I need to get some coffee and with a lot of peace in my heart go to my graph and replace one by one.
Will be awesome if we can just have a function to “Replace all references” of one variable.

Thanks! :smiley:

[USER=“12345”]The Forger[/USER]

Ever test-drive this? :-

Editor Prefs -> General Experimental -> Find and Replace All References Tool

Yeah! This is so amazing lol
Thanks man! <3

UE4 consistently crashes when I try to use this (w UE 4.21 ). Has anyone had any luck with it?

Can’t even find it in 4.26. I think they removed it