Replace all references when deleting "in-use" variables in blueprints

Would be helpful for cleaning up projects where dupe variables exist in different places for the same things, or making classes uniform throughout the project.

At the end of the day last night I was cleaning up some blueprints after working on them all day before backing the updated project up. I deleted a few variables here and there and replaced them with the ones all other classes are using so its uniform. I guess i missed one somewhere and upon compile the editor crashed. But the big issue was that the editor would not launch my project at all after that. I had to replace the updated files with the backups from the previous night. Once the editor was loaded I was able to paste the “bad” files into the content folder and open them there.

Deleting the outdated file and replacing references that way never works since it always claims its referenced in memory. So I had to open both files and copy each update over to the older version that works on startup until it was up to date. Took almost two hours. Could have been worse and I could have lost everything, but source of the issue was the editor couldn’t compile the project with the variable being referenced somewhere that was deleted and put me into a crash loop.