Replace actor with another one with the same position

Hi everyone,

I’m making a game like “wall bricker” but with two players.

i want that, the ball once it fell down, one random normal block become an indestructible golden block.

Here what I did: Get all the actor of class (normal-block) > get (a random block) > Get the location of the chosen block for spawn a golden block > destroy the normal actor

The real problem is… The golden block spawn in the position of a random normal block, but the destroyed block is an another

here the example: (sorry if it is so dark)

And here the Blueprint:

I forgot to say… I just test the coordinates where the golden block will spawn and the coordinate of the chosen block to destroy… and they are not the same coordinates

It’s because of how randomisation evaluation works. Try it like this:

In short, if you evaluate random twice, you’ll get 2 random results - and they may not be the same. If you think this will print the same random number:

Think again, it rarely will.

Hey, thank you so much! It’s working! :smiley:
I now understand the random logic too.