Replace a mesh section

Dear Epic/Community.

I have an issue with the procedural meshes sections. In fact when I create a mesh made of multiple sections, no problem but when I try to replace a section, all sections of index greater than the changed disappear.

You can try to reproduce this blueprint to see the problem. ( After 10 seconds all sections after 1 are removed).

Solutions I found are:

-Create a component by mesh

-Recreate all meshes at a higher index of the modified one. (very poor performance)

Is there a better way to solve this problem ? I know this is experimental but i love this functionnality ( thanks to community & Epic )
I have also seen a similar problem but in c ++

Hi, I had the same problem and already sent a bug report some time ago (Bug report). I think they did not really understand the problem. I solved it for me by compiling the engine from source and adding a range check to the section update code.