Replace a for each loop node

Hello is there any other node to replace for each loop node, cause it gives me infinity loop and doesnt play
i am trying to fill row name by the same name of the actor automatically , and i have many actors

Try saving the Get Data Table Row Names output to a variable, then use it in the GET node. Might help a bit.

how do i save to a variable ?

Drag from the pin and select Promote to Variable, the move to loop after it.

i tried it but didnt work thank youuu :slight_smile:

If you did this :point_up_2: and are still getting infinite loop error, IMO your problem is somewhere else. This will probably take you out of bounds in the array, but not infinite loop.

You can also go to Project Settings → Engine → General Settings → Max Loop Iteration Count and increase that number if you believe you have an array larger than 1,000,000.


yes its still there, thank you for trying appreciate it

the project settings thing worked … didnt put the row names but solved the loop
thank you