Repeating geometry, such as railings

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Earlier this year I saw a UE4 trailer from Epic in which they showed off a group of railing meshes, including unique corner pieces, and it was possible to adjust the total length of the railing by inputting a number to specific how many middle pieces were needed.

Is this an actual feature that I can find in the engine or a system that has to be created by blueprints? If it’s the latter, is there a tutorial on the process anywhere?

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i don’t known if i understand without the video but check this thread if something like this.

I’m trying to think of a better way of describing it :slight_smile:

Basically Epic placed a single piece of railing in a level and in the properties of the railing said they wanted 10 railing meshes in a row, not just a single one, and voila, the actor became 10 repeating instances of the railing in a row.

Check out this tutorial

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Hello. Nice thread… i have a question on this. Im building houses like this and i want to destroy them as a whole. Noe i can just cut every single peace of the house and destroy the single objects. The house doesnt act as a whole. Can i somehow export the procedurally generated house in my blueprint to a whole uneditable new mesh ?

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thank you for the link!

Oh. Why dont you use the Spline Tool in the Landscape Section under “Manage” ? For railings it may be smoother than the Blueprint Version…


TwentyEight28 makes a good suggestion with using the Spline tool. In the Vehicle Game example on the Marketplace splines were used to create the railings around the track along with the road.

This is a really effective way to get this without having to use Blueprints if you’ve already got a layout for your level that you are happy with. :slight_smile:

If you run into trouble trying to use the Spline tool for landscapes and getting the railing or meshes to follow (I know I ran into trouble getting this at first), Don’t select the Spline points to apply the mesh otherwise it won’t conform to the turns and twists. You’ll need the mesh to the segments and adjust the look there.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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I’ll give that a shot but ideally I’d love to be able to take an individual static mesh and then specific how many are added in a row in the X, Y and Z axis so that it’s quick to tile assets in any axis. I don’t want to just use it for railings, but other geometry including corridors, pillars & walls.

The odd thing is that this looks like something Epic have already shown off earlier this year, but there are no further tutorials or info on this.