Repeated UE crashes

Hi, each time I launch and work in UE it crashes…It’s not a question whether it will crash but rather when it will crash. How could I contribute to a fix? I am more than willing to liaise with whoever would be able to debug the whole thing for the benefit of the community.

I am running Windows 11, I9 10900K and RTX3090 with 64GB of RAM.
I have also closed most of the apps running in background, but still won’t work for long.


I am using UE4.27 on my latest laptop (8 Gb RAM) on Windows11. Every time I start using UE, after some time, the system suddenly crashes. UE4.27 takes enormous disk space (40 Gb). Could that be the reason for crash?

Hi RajendraDesh, I doubt it could be the case, unless your drive is almost full. Even if it is, you can uninstall some components such as Android or IOS toolkit and reclaim a couple of Gb (See William Fauncher’s video on Youtube). I suspect interferences with other softwares, but haven’t identified which one so far. Even a fresh install doesn’t address the issue, nor installing Nvidia studio drivers which are presented as more stable.

Same issue. I’m running on 4.25. It crashes spontaneously. More so whenever I am connected to the internet. In fact I usually have to disconnect the service from my laptop to avoid back to back crashes. One thing, I clear my web cache before I even open the launcher, seems to help… for a time.

Would definitely love to see a fix for this as well.

Hi Bushwacker_Jill, this may be a hint and I’ll give it a try. For the records, I just tried the latest update 4.27.2, again with no success. I have pressed nervously the “send and restart” option, hoping that someone at the other side will pick it up and say “wait a minute…these guys have got a problem, let’s figure out how to solve it!”. I keep dreaming until that day ;-). Btw, disabling ray tracing also seems to bring some stability.

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