导入模型材质球重复的问题(Repeated problems with importing model shader balls)

您好,我的模型导入到ue4以后发现会出现很多同名称的材质球不能合并而是ue4软件自动给重新命名了,怎样能让ue4自动的把这个重名的材质球在导入的时候自动合并呢?就像我截图这样本来是一个材质球结果软件新建了5个材质球,怎样能避免这样的问题?(Hello, after my model was imported into ue4, I found that many material balls with the same name could not be merged, but ue4 software renamed them automatically. How can ue4 automatically merge this material ball with the same name when importing?Just like my screenshot, it was originally a material ball and the software created 5 new material balls. How can we avoid this problem?)