Repeat event

Im making a game where when I enter a level I get a message saying wich level it is and when I die, before respawning, I get a you died message, all works well on the first try but If I die again, nothing appens, I dont respawn and no message is displayed, any tip?

Where do you call “Respawn”? Also i think better would be if make all sign in to single widget, spawn it on begin play and call there you make signs apper and the widget code to manage it dissaperence, not how much space the code for all this sign apperence takes.

Like asks, where the call of respawn is situated is important. Ideally you should have it in your gamemode blueprint, as this ensures that you are able to call it consistently. If it’s inside your character blueprint, there might be a problem with the spawn actor node not receiving the bind (respawn is not called).