Repair System Help Wanted

Hello everyone, I’m not entirely sure this is the place to post this but it seemed close enough to me. I’m trying to find a tutorial or walkthrough or anything on how to make a repair system. sort of like how you may have seen in other games where you walk up to a door with a plasma cutter or something and have to trace a shape on the door with your tool to cut through it. but instead of cutting it repairs it. or even just a basic system where you walk up to the object that needs repairing and you just hold a button and after a short timer the broken object is replaced with a fixed one. If anyone knows of a tutorial I could read or watch or if you could just help me outright I would be very grateful.

Hello! I have not done this myself but i will come to it in my first game. But i would make a broken mesh and when i repair it for a certain amount of time i would destroy that mesh and replace it with my fixed mesh :slight_smile:
I have not seen a tutorial on this but if it is not too complicated then I think you can do it by figuring it out yourself with help from this forum.

About the trace thing i would maybe add collisionboxes around the object and that they need to be hit in sequential order for it to be fully repaired. But there might be a more efficient way to do it, I’m just trying to help you get started.