Repair Cost

I need some info on the override repair cost. I set it up but it is not working. Does any one know why? The item is not a child.

There is a checkbox in addition to the repair item types that needs to be checked. Should work if it is checked and repair items are set

This is what I did. But it is still asking for the crafting cost. Is there something else I’m missing.

That should be it. FYI - Setting “Crafting Require Exact Resource Type” will prevent fiber from stack mods from working as a resource for this item

It still is not working.

The repair override seems to me as only working for the repair button inside a inventory. Repair on structure is not affected by that as far as I can tell.

HAH! Yeah I didn’t even notice it was a structure. You are correct, it does not work on structures, only items in your inventory. (or a crafter inventory)