Repack audio files (mod)(Wwise)

Hi, I am trying to make an audio mod a recently released game called Multiversus. I decompressed the .pak file where audio was stored. Find the audio that was in .uasset, extracted it to take a look. Game was made on UE4-26 and audio files for this games were made using Wwise. When a file is extracted, it results in other 4 files. For example: file called “Character_voice.uasset”, when extracted, it results into “Character_voice.uexp”, “Character_voice.wav” (normal audio file), “Character_voice.ubulk”, and also “Character_voice.uasset” (again, assuming this became from original “Character_voice.uasset”, then this one new file called “Character_voice.uasset” with same extension has other content inside).

To summarise: Is there a way to change .wav file only? if no, is there a way to create those 4 files for my custom audio? Are all those files relly necesessary?(I am assuming they are), and finally, is there a way to compress those 4 files into only 1 file?

(first image is original audio file, second image is what is extracted from that audio file)