Rep Notify Question

Can somebody help me understand rep-notify?

I have a light that comes on, but not instantly. It grows in brightness for 1 second and dims for 1 second when turned off. I want people that are net-relevant to see the animation for the light, but those that are not within net-relevancy should just have the light come on instantly when they’re notified.

What I’m getting is a flash of full brightness or fully 0 intensity when I’m near it because I’m receiving BOTH the rep notify (which instantly changes the value) and the multi-cast function which gradually changes it.

How do I NOT get the rep-notify event if I’m actually net relevant at the time?

I watched the networking basics video but the treasure chest in that doesn’t animate open, it snaps open normally. How would you handle the lid animating and avoiding people that come into relevancy range NOT see it animate, rather have it open instantly. Conversely, those that are close enough to witness it animating open should NOT see it just snap open and then animate.

I’m a little lost on it. Any help will go a long way.