Reordering Action and Axis Mappings

Is there a way to reorder Action and Axis Mappings? (Project Settings > Engine > Input)

This is mainly for cosmetic reasons. After having deleted, edited and added new mappings in my project, the order of mappings is a bit messy. I’d love to be able to tidy them up by dragging them around, like how you can reorder variables in the My Blueprint tab.

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We do not currently have any way to do this. You could, if you really want to clean such things up, go in to the raw EngineInput.ini file in your project’s Config folder and manually reorder the lines so that they appear in the order you’d prefer.

I threw in a feature request to add the ability to reorder array properties in general.

Michael Noland

I’m interested in this feature as well. I couldn’t find the feature request. Does anyone have a link?