Renting the Artec 3D Scanner to Capture Prop/Character models

Hey guys I was looking at renting a handheld 3d scanner for a week to scan some props/uniforms/characters for my game (

Curious to know if anyone is interested in getting anything scanned that I might have (or be in range of me) here in NYC.

Here’s a video demoing what the scanner can do Texture Mapping - Artec Studio 9 Tutorial Part 4 - YouTube

I’ve used both of Artec scanners. They’re great.
Tips you need to be able to maintain distances from the object which gets tricking when you going around something 360 and the cables are kinda short. A lazy susan is really helpful.

Processing… so scanning can be done somewhat quickly, but you don’t know where the holes will be until after the processing. That ends up taking the lions share of the time.

You’d be doing well if you can scan more than 2 decent sized (pants for example) objects a day. Smaller props maybe up to 8 a day 1/hr, but really its not that fast. B/c you want to see the mesh clearly exported before you move on and know you got that one in the bag. Also setting up props can take a long time, like hiding the loops in shoelaces so boots scan well is something you figure out after having it not scan well after many tries.

Every second of scanning it captures a number of frames, the longer you capture the more frames it takes, the more frames the longer to process, BUT the more times you stop/start significantly more time added to processing b/c it has to align the scans. The fastest way to scan is to get it in 1 pass, no stop/starts or fails. If you have like 4 passes that are 1600 frames, that will take hours to process.

Anyway its pretty exciting to scan stuff, just takes some time to get it right. let me know if you have any questions or need help with it. The videos on the Artec site are pretty helpful for their software.

Hey Dave thanks for the suggestions those are really helpful tips!

Curious to know how you found the retopo process for a good single pass scan? The makers have said in a few videos that it is quick but I highly doubt it?

not sure about your budget but have you had a look at maybe not so easy to use / setup but if you have a beamer and a webcam already then you just need the software

there’s also a few good applications for photo to 3D. I’d go with
autodesk has one too but I forget the name, it also looked really good when I saw the demo.