Renovating 3D worlds

I have this unusual gift, I can renovate 3D worlds.
I started off with the Sims 3 game with Barnacle Bay, an expansion. It was an ancient pirate island. I remodel it to make it a futuristic sci-fi island. Long time ago.

For fun. I’m doing the same with an old “Western Town” using the Unreal Game Engine. It’s a historic, pre 1900’s town. And when I’m done with it, the town will be all futuristic. I’m starting off with adding power generators and signal towers. Then I made some LED lights and put them in and outside the buildings. Then I add power outlets, cash register machines, computer screens and scanners. Eventually everything will be replaced with futuristic stuff.

To make the props, I’m using Blender and importing the 3D objects. Rather than focus on space ships & stations, I can make everyday objects futuristic. Even a kitchen sink.

ArtStation - James

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Hi, I write and compose for a team that could use your gift.
It just happens that we make a story driven, sci fi fps/rpg game that could use more futuristic touchs :smiley:
Please consider joining us through here, we’ll answer your questions there:

Thanks ahead