Renegade X - Looking for Character, Vehicle & Weapon Artists (Released Game)


Hey folks!

Totem Arts are looking for a couple of artists to help us with an expansion pack type scenario. Renegade X is an already released multi-award winning indie game. We were built on the predecessor of this great engine specifically on the Unreal Development Kit. No we are not porting the game over to UE4. However because of our amazing fan-base we are instead expanding the game with more content. We started off as a mod for Unreal Tournament 3 back in 2009, followed up with a single player in 2012 on UDK as our first venture into stand-alone indie territory, and finally in we launched the much anticipated multiplayer release in 2014.

With the game ever expanding with custom maps and mods from our community, we wanted to do something special for them. We just need a little bit of help in the art department to wrap it up. These are unpaid positions however you will receive instant game credit in a game fully released and playable already. We’re looking for character, weapon, and vehicle artists. If you are interested you can either respond to this thread or PM me directly.


Character Artist:

  • High / Low Poly Modeling
  • Create animation friendly geometry
  • Unwrapping / Texturing

Vehicle Artist:

  • High / Low Poly Modeling
  • Unwrapping / Texturing

Weapon Artist:

  • High / Low Poly Modeling
  • Unwrapping / Texturing
  • 1st & 3rd Person Optimization (Optional)

If you’re not interested, then why not give the game a try! Head over and download and play the game for free, and by that I mean the full game everything unlocked with no restrictions free!

Thank you! :slight_smile: