RenderTextActor issues

Hello hello,

Unreal: 4.2 & 4.3
Device: Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III
OS: Android 4.3

Spent quite a part of my day trying to determine why text components wouldn’t render on device, even though being able to see these when running on PC in editor.

After deciding to try another device (Nexus) I discovered the issue was only replicated on the Galaxy. Thinking it might have been a project issue, I tested the Flappy Chicken project and found that all dynamic text (numbers for score) also fail to appear when run on the Galaxy.

I have seen some forum posts that have reported this to be an issue (not on this particular device) and thought it might have been addressed in the latest update. Is this a known bug, and if so where can I track it? I’m also not sure if this is the appropriate forum to be posting these issues to, so if not - please correct me and send me in the right direction!



Hi Matt, we opened an internal bug for this, we’ll let you know what we find. You might also want to open an answerhub ticket and post a link from here :slight_smile: Thanks!

A dev replied to a post I made some time ago, that I had the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300. It had something to do with 32bit and 16bit float index buffers or something? I can’t recall now, but the Dev said, it would be fixed by now.

The Black Jack game, for example, runs on my SGS3 with some minor graphical glitches. Haven’t checked out Flappy Chicken again, but will do it and report back asap.


Here’s the reply from : Still can't run tappy chicken - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

This is unfortunate issue in iOS too. :frowning:

Hey Matt, can you get the device log and open an answerhub question for this (and attach it)? Thanks!