RenderTargetPoolMin warning is spamming my log!


I’m on 4.7.3 (Launcher) and i’m getting a whole bunch of spamming in log like this whenever i’m navigating in viewport.

will you please take a look at my post???

Recently we lowered level from warning to something lower. It’s just good to know that pool size is exceeding and it might cause minor stalls and a lot of video memory. You can run “vis” in Output log to see what is allocated (Might be screen resolution or many ReflectionCaptureActors). With “r.RenderTargetPoolMin=500” in consolevariables.ini (or in console "r.RenderTargetPoolMin 500 ") you could prevent printout.

Hi ,

Please do not reply to unrelated questions with a link to your post. Your post will be addressed when we can get to it. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for answer Martin. above screenshot was from an empty scene.

I just updated to 4.7.4 and these logs no longer appear. :slight_smile: