RenderTargetCube resolution needs to be increased!

Now that you guys are increasing resolution caps for other things, like reflection probes, etc.

Could you remove the resolution cap for RenderTargetCube texture within the editor? I know I could do it myself by downloading the source on github / mod it and rebuilt it but it would just be simpler to have it unlocked, really.


That will be extremely helpful when we want to make 360 panoramic (vr/non-VR) tours with platforms like


Hi , have you try nvidia ansel. It can do 8k 360 pano and stereo pano. And also 64 k capture. It’s really amazing.

I know this is an old thread, but for those who come here via search: It is possible to set the texture size in blueprint via the Set sizeX node, this allows sizes greater than 2048. Alternatively it is possible to use code to ‘Init’ the texture to the desired size.