Rendering widgets during level sequences

Hello guys,

I have a doubt about Widget components and their rendering space:
I’ve created a Character that contains a Child Actor component, which at the same time contains a Widget Component. This widget is a bubble that contains some text, and the idea here is to play open/close animations on this widget to show/hide the bubble text. The widget component renders on screen space, and everything works fine in Play Mode.

However, I’m interested on creating scenes with these characters talking each other, so I’m creating Level Sequences and triggering the animations inside Sequencer. Again, in Play Mode everything works fine, but I cannot visualize the widgets playng the sequence in the editor. My assumption is that, since the widgets renders on screen space, they don’t know anything about where to appear in the editor because the game screen doesn’t exist, or something like that.

The thing is that I’m very interested on seeing these scenes in the editor. I don’t want to be swtiching to Play Mode each time I want to test the scene, since there are lots of them, in different levels, etc.

Do you guys know any workaround that could help me?
Thank you in advance!