[RENDERING] Weird rendering artifacts appearing for ~1-2 frames

After using UE4 for a year I noticed weird and annoying shading/rendering artifacts which are pretty easy to reproduce. Basically just open any heavy and demanding ue4 level/scene and move the screenscale slider in the viewport (or go for 200 screenscale and play the level), you will probably get similar results. I am using 4.20.2 version of Unreal, but i think it doesn’t really matter because this thing happens on every version i tried.

My specs:

Windows 10 Home 17763.134
Intel Core i5-4690k (OC to 4.3GHz)
Asus GeForce GTX 1070, Nvidia Driver 417.01
16 GB of RAM

I suspect that this is some driver issue because I saw some people facing similar trouble and downgrading the drivers has seem to fix the issue for them (not sure if this was the same problem I have).

Here are the screenshots of “artifacted” frames - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

It looks like a GPU driver issue, maybe it’s something that would work properly if the screen scale is set and then you restart the editor.

That didn’t really helped, they still appear after setting the screenscale and restarting the editor. So if this is a driver issue is there any place where i can report the problem?

If it’s something that only happens right after changing the screen scale, then I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s not a setting that should be changed during gameplay, so if it has a momentary glitch then maybe require a game restart to put that into effect.

This doesn’t happen only when changing the screenscale, it’s just an easy way to reproduce the glitch/artifact. I use UE4 to render my scenes with sequencer and I get these glitches while rendering aswell (as i wrote in the title they happen kinda often for 1-2 frames in a row in a whole rendered sequence).

Still happening…

Downgrading drivers to over 2 year old ones didn’t fix the issue at all, and apparently I start to see even more people having this problem. (to reproduce this u could just open very gpu demanding scene and try to render a sequence from it using sequencer on a high screenscale, i also noticed that these glitches happen when vram is almost at full usage [100-300 mb before the max. capacity])

I’m addressing this successfully by setting up a warmup on the sequence render (I did a 20 frame warmup with 2 seconds’ delay before warmup and 2 seconds’ delay before shot warmup). Also closed secondary viewports during the render. Can’t say with certainty which of these made the difference, but I am getting clean renders by doing this.