Rendering Volumetrics, Reflections (Lumen), Niagara FX in UE5 isn't working?

I’m trying to create a cinematic render in UE5, and everything looks great from the viewport. But when I try to render it out in both the Movie Render Queue plug-in and the normal movie renderer, things start to fall apart.

Here is what the render should look like in the first shot (viewport):

When I render out the sequence, I get this:

The volumetric clouds are all out of whack, and the Niagara System (the falling rocks) doesn’t render out, which are my two main issues. The clouds are customized and set as according to the volumetrics video by William Faucher (Volumetric Cloud Secrets [Unreal Engine 4 & 5] Works in UE5! - YouTube), which I have a feeling has to do with the issue.

My last issue which isn’t as important, is when I render with the Movie Render Queue, I get this:

Instead of this:

This isn’t a huge issue because it renders correctly in the regular movie renderer, just not in the Movie Render Queue, so I could potentially have a combinations of both renders from the two renderers, but it would be nice to get everything in one shot in Movie Render Queue, because I get much better overall results there. For those interested in my MRQ settings, I used pwinsher’s video here, except I’m using Lumen: How I get UNREAL ENGINE to look like a movie | FULL BREAKDOWN - YouTube

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: 11/22/21

After doing some work I found solutions to the water reflections and the volumetric clouds.

FOR THE WATER SHADER: The issue was antialiasing. In pwinsher’s video I mentioned in the post above, He turns enables antialiasing in the MRQ, sets AA to none, and sets the temporal sample count to 64. For some reason, something about this made the water shader render incorrectly, and I solved it by turning AA override back off and set the temporal sample count to 8, which gave me the water shader back, and decent looking grass in the background.

FOR THE VOLUMETRICS: Something got corrupted or messed up in my project file, where whenever I hit run or render a cinematic the clouds are completely different. I opened a new project to see if it would do the same thing, but when I hit run the clouds stayed exactly as a had them. Just a bad stroke of luck I guess.