Rendering video from Sequencer with audio?

When is this feature expected to be released?

We love sequencer at my studio, but not being able to export audio with batch rendered real-time cinematics makes our review process take three times longer than it needs to. Is there any hope of this coming soon?

Apologies if this question is asked/answered elsewhere, I couldn’t find any discussion of it that wasn’t from last year.

The issue there might be that it’s not rendering in real-time since it takes a moment for each frame

Yeah, I can see why that would be an issue. My hope would be that the render process would recognize which audio files are being triggered in the sequence, and on what frame, and add them in to the final output video. I’m not an engineer, so I can’t say for sure, but it doesn’t seem dissimilar from how the burn-ins work.

Our team is building a tool for this now. It’s going surprisingly well.

Would be really cool to have this included in a future release of UE4, though… It’d be extremely useful for directorial review of real-time cinematics. Desktop capturing them from gameplay is ridiculous.

The problem of capturing audio as part of a movie render is one that we continue to explore, however it is complex and nuanced. Making a tool that simply combines re-rendered sound waves together at the appropriate time may suffice for some workflows, but that will miss any procedural or spacialized audio that may exist in the sequence.

Add into the mix that movie rendering happens at accelerated or delayed framerates and you can appreciate it’s not a trivial issue to address. We are aware however that this is an important feature that is missing from the pipeline so rest assured it is an ongoing discussion.

Thank you! I’m happy to hear that it’s on the radar!

We actually are getting procedural and spacialized audio. My understanding is that our tool is capturing all sounds that are pulled through Wwise, whether triggered in Sequencer or not. Since we’re handling all audio that way in our game, we do get everything in the render.

It’s not frame-perfect, but so far it hasn’t been off by more than a tenth of a second. We’re hoping that we can fix that imprecision with some kind of “fixed time step” option somewhere, beyond the one in Sequencer. Maybe a command in the batch file? Either way, it’s good enough for our purpose, which is mass review of all real-time cinematics. Apologies for not having more detail on the technical side.