Rendering UE4 HDR Images

Here is a video for anyone that was looking at how to get your environments that you make in UE4 into an HDR image to be usable in external programs. An example of using these images in other applications would be I make allot of maps for characters and props in external programs and need to see how their different texture maps react to different lighting environments. So being able to actually see how the characters/props textures work in the levels lighting conditions would be next to the closest thing before bringing it over to the Unreal Engine.

Hope some of you guys find it useful!

I will also include a drop-box link that has a couple of different environments that are 2048 HDR images as well as the video posted if you would like to save it out for later.



That’s really useful, didn’t know even know that an HDR image could be used that way, thanks.
Subbed to your channel, as you have lots of useful videos, to watch, that’s my Sunday afternoon done. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feed back and I am glad that you found if useful and hopefully I can get more videos out the door soon!