[Rendering] Support for 3D LUTs

I think it would be a great benefit for Unreal Engine to implement 3D LUTs for HDR Grading. They are already becoming an industry standard and allow a greater an preciser grading.

  1. Grading in HDR instead of SDR allows for Grades that keep steady through their brightnesses and give the great benefit that they, as they are applied pre-tonemapping, are consistent across HDR and SDR, which would make the Post Processing of Unreal Engine future proof.
  2. The Unreal intern Grading Tools are nice, but really rather cumbersome in comparison to real Color Grading Softwares. DaVinci Resolve is a very professional tool set, that allows to export 3D LUTs being exported in their free version. I am certain that it should seem obvious that Unreal cannot, but also doesn’t even have to, compete with the capabilities of a determined Grading Environment.
    For a further read, this is how Dice did it:…y-in-frostbite
    I would love to hear your thoughts :slight_smile: